Flora Fluids leave plants intact and makes people healthy

Flora Fluids is a new venture originating from the first High Tech Meets workshop of Holland Innovative. Flora Fluids develops and implements a new harvesting machine for winning active plant ingredients from plants, based on the idea of the electro spraying principle of the TU-Delft.

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HighTech meets Agro

Flora Fluids originated from the first innovation workshop “HighTech meets Agri-Food” based on the idea of Bob Ursem of the TU Delft. The ‘ HighTechMeets ‘ workshops of Holland Innovative have been created to come to new innovations and projects. These innovation workshops are organized on the crossroad of markets.

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Blue Economy

Flora Fluids is an example of a Blue Economy project: natural ingredients are harvested, the plant remains alive and can be harvested again after a few weeks. This brings high-quality natural ingredients readily available for people and animals!

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What is “plant milking”?”?